Live for Design, Design for Life

Design is not just about making things pretty! OK, that basically is the gist of my whole post. If you know enough now, have a great day. Otherwise, let me explain my point there.

Design is all around us. It’s the reason we feel great in some places and feel terrible in others. It’s the reason we feel attracted to some men or women. It’s the reason we get drawn into that Instagram post or Youtube video.

Design is about conveying a message. It’s not the only part of the message but it’s a way bigger part than you would think.

Let’s look at websites. We think we are ready the content and basing our judgements on that. But what we don’t realize is that the design is working on our unconscious brain and coloring that view considerably.

Some people say, design should just frame the copy so it can do it’s work. I disagree. It’s easy to get the copy to be good enough to work. Getting the design right is much harder and also more important. The effect on the unconscious brain is so strong that it pulls people one way or the other.

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